I listened to a podcast recently on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, which was an interview with Josh Waitzkin who explained that he’s avoiding teaching his son that weather as “good” or “bad”.  He says that so often, kids are told “we can’t go outside today and play, because it’s bad weather”, and that’s just not true.

Usually, I call wet weather “bad weather”, because it means that my hair goes frizzy, my makeup runs, and my white shirt goes see-through.  But I’m redefining what wet weather means for me, and today, in spite of the light rain, I went for a walk.  And you know what, it was probably one of the greatest walks I’ve been on in ages!  Plus, I got to catch up on some podcasts (which I’ve been falling behind on, because I haven’t been walking in ages!)

So, now that I’ve done it, and actually walked in the rain, I don’t really have an excuse not to go walking in the future… because wet weather is actually good weather!


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