When I go to work, I’m a real estate business coach and consultant, so I’m going to declare my bias at the beginning of this post: I am (unapologetically) a fan of using a coach – in your business, in your personal life, for your sports, to help improve your relationships, and everything else.

But something I’ve realised recently, is that people who hire coaches are (generally speaking) already AMAZING people who are HUGELY successful!

As a coach myself, I work with clients who are stunningly successful.  They are absolute go-getters who set amazing goals, dream big, and actually take action.  My role, as their coach, is to draw all the “good stuff” that is already inside them (brilliant ideas, inspired moments, actionable tasks) and give them a platform to execute their plans, measure the results and celebrate with them.

It goes without saying, that I have a coach myself.  And I don’t usually have the opportunity to share what goes on in a coaching session, where I’m the client (not the coach)!  But this blog serves as a really great platform to share.

Usually, I start a coaching series (where I work intensively with a coach for a few months on a specific project) with my business in mind.  I set out to “grow my business” at the beginning of my first coaching session.  Then, usually within the first 15 minutes of my first session, I realise that I actually have to do a bit of work on “me”, before I can work on my business.

Having used a coach myself for the last 10 years, I’m getting better at “trusting the coaching process” and allowing my journey to swerve away from my business focus, if that’s what ends up happening.

Today’s coaching session was no different.  In fact, today my coach took me through an exercise that helped me totally fix an issue (an unhelpful mindset) I had that was badly impacting my health.  I’ve walked away totally surprised at how differently I feel about that issue now.

We didn’t talk about my business once today!  But you know what?  I’ve walked away from the session more excited and inspired about my business than ever before.

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools I would recommend to anyone, to help them achieve anything.  But it’s only powerful because you are.  You ultimately get the results from coaching because you do the work.   Which makes me think… I must be pretty amazing, hey?

Want to know how amazing and powerful you actually are?  Get a coach, and you’ll find out!


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