Last Friday, my naturopath asked me to switch to decaf coffee, to lower my caffeine intake for the next 30 days, and already (at day 7) I’ve learnt a few things.

As a bit of background, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue a few years ago, and I’ve been working with a wonderful integrative health doctor to recover from it.  I’m now seeing a naturopath to help clear up the last of the issues associated with this illness.  I’ll admit, adrenal fatigue is pretty debilitating, especially when you’re trying to run a business that requires you to get out of bed each day (no sick days!).  But I’m really well these days and my energy levels are out of this world, compared to before.

Now, back to the decaf coconut lattes…

I wasn’t a big coffee drinker (well, by some standards).  One, maybe two, coffees a day.  But I really relied on my morning coconut latte to get my day going.  To be honest, I didn’t feel like my work day (or any day, for that matter) had started until after that first coconut latte.

My husband, Matt, and I have a little ritual a couple of times a week to walk down to our local cafe for a coffee, often before breakfast, and that was a special time together for us to connect and plan our day.  I also felt like it gave me the kick I needed to get my day going.

I often meet clients for coffee, and I always felt like I wasn’t a “real adult” if I wasn’t drinking real coffee, let alone anything else, like a herbal tea or a juice!

But, since switching to decaf I’ve discovered a few things…

  • I’m definitely not a caffeine addict – no withdrawal symptoms at all
  • The ritual of coffee is more important than the coffee itself – sometimes I order a decaf coconut latte, and sometime I order a herbal tea, and I still feel like a “real adult”
  • It’s important to find swiss water decaffeinated coffee and not the traditional, solvent-based decaffeinating process – those chemicals are nasty things!

I’ve realised that, even at the end of this 30 day process, I might not go back to regular coffee, I might actually stick with the decaf and herbal teas!  I feel good, I’m not relying on any substance now (whether chemically, or psychologically) and it’s got to be better for me, right?

So, my biggest learning in all this has been that I’m stronger than I expected.  I was scared about giving up my daily coffee, and I wasn’t certain that my will power or determination was strong enough to keep me going for the full 30 days.  But it turns out, I am strong enough, and certainly determined enough and I’m wondering what else I can take this new-found willpower and apply it to????

2 thoughts on “Decaf coconut lattes

  1. Yes! I love this – I had a similar ‘real adult’ association with coffee when I started meeting my clients (and I have never liked coffee) but when I noticed how many of my clients didn’t order coffee I didn’t feel so bad about my chai lattes and my teas. To live in 2017 without caffeine or sugar addiction is a great thing!


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