This week, I’ve set out to start some practices of the most successful people I know (or know of).  Think, Tim Ferriss (no, I don’t know him personally), Marie Forleo (I haven’t met Marie… yet), Denise Duffield-Thomas (again, I don’t know her, but we do share the same Personal Stylist and Kinesiologist, so I’m sure I’m close to meeting her very soon!) and a few of my successful friends too (hopefully, you all know who you are).

So, there are three things I’ve started with this week as an experiment.  I’m calling it an experiment, because I’m committing to seven days of this practice, then I’ll review the value I’m getting from it, and decide whether to continue (although, I have a fairly strong feeling that I’ll be pretty happy with the results, if today was any indication).

Here are the three things I’ve started:

  1. Get rid of the TV.  Okay, so it wasn’t that extreme.  My husband and I simply moved the TV out of the lounge room and into our spare bedroom.  We don’t have a TV point in there, but we use ChromeCast to watch TV quite often, so we don’t need free to air access. So far, we’ve had the TV gone for 24 hours, and it’s been a magical 24 hours!  Our lounge room windows face the ocean, so now I find myself looking at the ocean instead of the blank TV screen.  We’ve re-arranged our lounge room so that it’s more conducive to conversation and connection.  It feels just amazing!
  2. Priming.  This is a term commonly used by Tony Robbins and it’s basically a guided gratitude meditation that takes fewer than 10 minutes.  I remember doing the exercise while attending the Unleash the Power Within event in September 2016 and being really impressed with how it made me feel.  So I did it this morning, and I’ve been amazed at how calm and focused I’ve been today.  You can access Tony Robbins’ Priming Exercise here.
  3. Morning movement.  It seems that so many of the successful people I know (and know of) exercise in the morning.  I’m usually drawn to doing my movement practice (which is my way of saying exercise) in the afternoons, but for this week, I’m doing it in the mornings.  I can’t say I’ve noticed any real difference from the practice so far, but I wonder if doing some movement this morning has had an impact on my energy levels today?

So, today was just Day One, but it’s a start, and I’ll keep you posted on how the seven days go, and what practices I choose to keep as part of my routine.

I’d love to hear what your success practices are, and how they’ve made your life better.

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