I’ve been on a journey for the past 12 months, learning about what it takes to be ready for the “next step”.  The “next step” might be starting a new business, starting a new relationship, ending a relationship, commencing a new eating program, joining a gym, signing up for a course, buying a house, or anything else that’s a little bit scary.

Having spent time reading books and articles from the most successful people I know, to listening to inspiring podcasts, to watching videos of successful people on YouTube, I’ve been determined to find out what it takes, to be ready for the next step.

To my disappointment, I’ve not been able to figure out what it takes to actually be ready.  What I have learned though, is that most people ARE NOT READY when they take the “next step”.  There seems to be this recurring pattern in everything I’ve researched that all these successful people, who have made successful “next steps” weren’t ready when they did it!

In the last few months, since realising this fact, I’ve started to do things before I felt ready.  And it’s been powerful.  As it turns out, the fact that I’m not feeling ready doesn’t prevent me from starting, and it doesn’t even seem to impact the outcome either.  I can succeed at anything I start, even when I’m not feeling ready.

The other interesting thing I’ve discovered is, even though I don’t initially feel ready, once I’ve taken that first step and started, even before I’m finished I feel good and “in the flow”.

Now, I’ll be honest, I still have moments where I hesitate and wait, thinking I’ll “feel ready” if I just wait a little longer, but the moments where I display some courage and just jump in before I’m ready, I’m always pleased I did.

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