The last 12 months have been quite a journey for me, as I’ve launched a slightly different business to the businesses I’ve run before.  My business, Rent Roll Starter, is a coaching/mentoring business, and quite different to owning a Rent Roll, which is the business I had previously.  And while I feel quite confident coaching and mentoring people in starting their own rent rolls, delivering this style of business has put me right outside my comfort zone at times too.

Some of the things I’ve had to do in this business (that I’ve never done before) are:

  • Develop a complete mentoring and coaching program (take all the stuff out of my head and put it into a program that can be delivered in person, on the phone, via Skype or online)
  • Record videos for my YouTube channel and Facebook page
  • Write useful blog posts, to keep my website up to date and my potential clients informed
  • Design, develop and launch a membership website
  • Accept online payments (without having a traditional merchant account with a bank)
  • Learn how to use a fancy CRM package (we’re using Ontraport)
  • Edit photos and videos
  • Learn about social media and how to get better engagement

It’s obvious that I’ve been learning a lot this year as I do all these things that I’ve never done before, but the biggest thing I’ve learnt is the concept of Progress Before Perfection.  In fact, what I’ve realised is that if I wait until something is perfect, I’ll never launch it.

Let me give you an example.

Back in June 2016, I decided it was time to create some videos to go on my YouTube channel and Facebook page.  So I purchased a really cheap camera that had a video function on it.  I set up the camera in front of a window (to give my face some natural light), I sat myself in front of my wardrobe (as a plain white background) and I recorded, somewhat awkwardly, about 20 videos about topics that were interesting to me and my audience.  I spent so much time on those videos!  I made so many mistakes and had to re-record so many of my videos.  I felt uncomfortable and foolish in front of the camera, and I really wasn’t happy with the final product.  When I watched the videos back, I could see that the light was uneven, there was the noise of my pet parrot, Chilli, singing in the background of some of them!  To this day, I look back at those videos and cringe… But I’m also really proud, because it took guts to share those videos with the public and, as it turns out, some of those videos actually helped people!

This week, I set aside two days to do some more filming.  This time, my videos are a little bit better.  I borrowed a ring light from my hairdresser, Moosh Hair Studio Kirra (so that I have more even, flattering light on my face), I even put together a little “set” for my videos, including my favourite chair, my desk, a few books and a coffee mug.  I’m also a little more comfortable in front of the camera in these videos – not perfectly comfortable, but significantly more relaxed than I was when I first recorded videos.  I still used the same camera that I purchased back in June 2016, and I still made mistakes in my recordings.  But you know what, that’s me – I’m not polished and perfect when I speak to people in real life, so I’m okay with my videos being that way too.

As I watch these latest videos, I can see that I’ve really improved in my video style.  They’re not perfect, but I’ve made progress.  And isn’t that ultimately what matters?

Progress Before Perfection

It’s been the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last 12 months, and I’m sure that it’s the reason my business has grown the way it has.  I’ve learned not to wait until something is perfect to release it to the world.  I can make a bigger difference in the world if I just “get it out there” rather than keep it for myself until it’s “perfect”.

After all, perfection is really a myth anyway, right?

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