Sure, I’m the founder of Rent Roll Starter, but I’m so much more!  So, now I have a blog especially for “everything else”!  If you’ve ever want to know more about me, then this is the place!

Here’s my official bio…  (but if you scroll down a bit further, you can just read the juicy stuff!)

Ellen Bathgate is the founder of highly recognised coaching and consulting business, Rent Roll Starter, specialising in enabling independent real estate agents to start their own Rent Rolls quickly, easily and stress free – even if they’ve never been in business for themselves before!

The Rent Roll Starter coaching program focuses on teaching creative systems, technologies and outsourcing to allow agency principals start and grow their rent rolls in a non-traditional way.  Ellen is passionate about teaching agency principals to have flexibility in their business, work shorter hours, consider creative employment and outsourcing solutions and love their clients.

Ellen held the position of Senior Property Manager overseeing the management of 1000 properties before starting her own independent Property Management agency, The Renting Experts, in 2011.  Ellen grew The Renting Experts organically and successfully sold the rent roll in 2016.

Ellen is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer (NSW) and holds the title of the winner of the REINSW Novice Auctioneer Competition, Orana and NSW divisions, 2006.

Ellen has been interviewed and featured in the Financial Review, RPM Online Magazine and various real estate radio programs, and is also a professionally trained speaker and published author.

And now, here’s the juicy stuff…

Aside from being a business owner, I’m a bunch of other things too:

I’m a happily married wife (married in 2012) of a helicopter pilot, Matt
I eat a strict plant-based diet (most people would recognise my diet as vegan, but I do eat honey at times, so I’m not technically vegan!)
I’m a musician and love playing the piano
I have the most gorgeous nieces and nephews, who I can’t get enough of
I live right on the beach, and LOVE IT
I’m passionate about natural health care and love tapping into my “inner hippy”

So, if you’re into any of this stuff too, and you’d like to see more about what it takes to run a business, and enjoy your life too, I hope you love visiting my blog!

I hope you enjoy it and keep in touch with me!